Sundaze: Livin’ The Life

Hen and I headed to the gym yesterday morning to sunbathe on the rooftop sundeck while K did a training swim for his upcoming triathlon.

The amount of cuteness that my little eyeballs witnessed in the two hours we ran around and played on the roof is just something that makes my heart SING!



No Peace + Quiet

Poor Henry!  He can’t even eat in peace.

If we aren’t on the move, he has the dogs to compete with every morning.   After he finished eating breakfast in his designated chair, he wanted a squeeze pouch as a snack.

How do I know he wanted it?

Well, he grabbed it off the kitchen shelf and sat against the door trying to open it on his own. He is such a looney toon!  But also, such a bright boy!  I’m constantly amazed at the things he has picked up in his short 15 months on this Earth – he’s amazing!

He so’s hilarious because he gives the dogs the side eye, just like they give him when they are eating and he is trying to terrorize them by the dog bowl.  It’s all equal in this household.


Throwback to when Hen was six months old

While browsing the photos on my computer yesterday, I came across a folder of photos from when Mr. Henry Hayes was six months old. On one hand, it seems like it was just yesterday. But then again, it feels like a lifetime ago because he has transformed into an independent PERSON. Even though my family still refers to him as “baby henry,” he is not a baby anymore!  Although, the saying is true…He’ll always be MY baby.  


Just a Sliver of Sunshine Warmth

I would like to say that we have a ton of photos waiting to be uploaded from our Easter weekend, but somehow this is the only one worth sharing.  He is such a nut!

I walked into the kitchen on Easter morning to see Hen resting on the floor in a small sliver of sunshine.

He is quite the mocker…this is where the dogs usually hang out to warm up on chilly mornings. Henry See, Henry Do. (Said like monkey see, monkey do)!

An Apple A Day…

Hen LOVES grocery shopping. He likes riding in the cart. He likes looking at all of the people buzzing around. And he especially likes reaching out for items he wants to add to the cart.

Take this apple for instance:


Once he finished his apple, he wanted out of the cart so that he could touch a few other items that caught his eye.


On this particular trip, he was intent on “helping” the grocery store by pulling off all of the sales tags!  I’m sure people were happy to learn their items were on sale when they went to the checkout – what a surprise that must’ve been!


Our Berkeley Excursion

Over the weekend, Hen+I headed over across Bay Bridge to hang out in Berkeley with a few girlfriends.  From meeting sweet dogs, to trolling the streets, to testing out Ms. Laura’s new kitchen utensils,  Hen had quite the adventure.

In another phase of establishing his independence, Hen wants to WALK everywhere.  He reaches out his sweet little hand to hold mind and will even position it (correctly, according to him) so that we can walk hand in hand.

Berkeley Bum


Mr Independent

You may be horrified to know that by the end of our  excursion, Henry was laying on University Avenue in downtown Berkeley to take a nap.  He was DONE.  Poor guy. We are currently in this stage where he lays down wherever he is at the moment he starts to feel tired.  Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea given our urban lifestyle given the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area


Oh BOY!  This isn’t a great idea when living an urban lifestyle with the amount of THINGS that can be found on the ground in the SF Bay Area. I can not even think about it…


Sunday Dad Date 

On Sunday, K took Hen to our favorite play space, Playhaven, while I stayed home to meal prep and craft with my soul sister, Cookie D!

They met Hen’s best lady friend, Lizzie, and played until they both passed out.

They read books, ate lunch, climbed slides, and did arts and crafts.

Hen has become quite the little artist.  He paints and draws with the nanny during the week and has become one of his favorite activities.


The Tea Mouse

No matter how many times a day I sweep and mop, the floor always has some sort of speckle, spot, or stain on it.

Hen loves playing in the kitchen cabinets while I do laundry and meal prep. Today he chose the tea cabinet and the shiny aluminium can caught his attention – the tea jar!


He’s so stinking cute that I am more than happy to clean up any mess he creates.  When I think about how all the mess and chaos is a learning experience for him, it eases the anxiety I feel about things being out of place.