Record Breaking Temps: SF Weather

We had a few days of record-breaking temperatures this week and made it a priority to take advantage of the sunshine.

Before Grandpa George left San Francisco to return home, we hit the beach.  Needless to say, it was packed!  We staked out a little real estate near the water where we pointed at birds, put our feet in the sand, and watched Wally run after other dogs.



Afternoon Fun @The Pelican Inn

On weekends, we plan activities to get us out of the house and exploring our favorite parts of the Bay Area.  A few weekends ago, we went to Pelican Inn at {Muir Beach}.


We literally sat on a blanket for three hours while we basked in the sunshine and watched Henry interact with all of the other blanket loungers at the Inn.


Picnic in the Presidio 

We celebrated Father’s Day with a picnic in the Presidio. On Sundays, they host a big picnic with food trucks, tents, and beverages, which is super family friendly.

It seemed that most blankets were filled with food, wine, and at least one baby in tow.

We enjoyed the sunshine, an array of delicious food (like a grilled peach), and watching Henry blow raspberries + roll around the blanket.