Sunday Dad Date 

On Sunday, K took Hen to our favorite play space, Playhaven, while I stayed home to meal prep and craft with my soul sister, Cookie D!

They met Hen’s best lady friend, Lizzie, and played until they both passed out.

They read books, ate lunch, climbed slides, and did arts and crafts.

Hen has become quite the little artist.  He paints and draws with the nanny during the week and has become one of his favorite activities.



lazy day vibes : playhaven

We were feeling SUPER lazy yesterday, however we still wanted to get Henry out of the house so we headed to our favorite indoor play space in SF, playhaven.





That time…with the cousins

It is hard to believe that “cousin-fest 2015” was a month ago already. This, of course, is not an actual event but one that I made up to sum up the play date between Hen and his cousins.

The play date consisted of creating music on make-shift instruments (using wooden spoons, pots&pans, and Tupperware), exploring faces with little hands, and alternating nap schedules.

I could sit and watch them “play” for hours.

Watch out! It’s the Baby Train.

play date : Beer, BBQ, + Babies

we headed south of San Francisco today to a friend’s house for beer, BBQ, & babies. Four babies aged two months, three months, five months and eight months had an exhausting afternoon drooling over shared toys and taking turns napping.


Henry was quite the ladies man being the only male baby but was a perfect gentleman and let the ladies rule the roost.  I taught him well!;)