He’s Famous-ish//SWISS Magazine

Henry was featured in SWISS Magazine in a write up about Street Food in San Francisco. The cute little caption they put with his photo reads, “Henry loves his street food,” and they couldn’t be more right! This kid LOVES food. He says “eat” and “bite” + likes to feed himself with whatever utensils are available to him, including his hands!

He’s been around the SF food scene and street food since he was a few days old + boy, does it show!

You can see the feature here: sm1611_street-food_sf


Flower Child : A True San Franciscan

This kid is a true San Franciscan. He’s a nature lover and a flower child. I couldn’t be more obsessed with him if I tried. Every day I see his kind heart and pure soul, and it makes me love him more and more.

Fun Fact: This little red sweater was his daddy’s when he was his age.  #vintage #36yearsold



SF Fun: Pier 39 Aquarium

Henry LOVES fish!  …what better rainy day activity than the aquarium!  While the entrance cost was waived because my sweet friend had a guest pass with her family membership, I spent a cool $17.99 on this oversized clown fish. OH BOY!

Hen grabbed it while we strolled through the gift shop to reach the exit.  After I saw him talking to it, kissing it, and giving it huge hugs, I decided that it must leave with us.  So we bought it!

And now that little fish goes with us everywhere!

Sundaze: Lazy Day Vibes

We celebrated the last day of the weekend with some tv.

…and Hen spent most of the 21-minute segment trying to find the BEST seat in the house.

He finally got settled when he crawled up on the couch next to me to be the little spoon! My favorite spot!  Any day that I get extra snuggles, hugs, and fish kisses is my favorite day.

Any day that I get extra snuggles, hugs, and fish kisses is my favorite day.

14 Months

Man, it just keeps getting better and better.  Motherhood is so much fun!  Stressful at times, but fun.  Is it because I get away with being a “kid” in an adult body?  Is it because I have this little guy who fits like a perfect little puzzle piece in my heart?

It is so strange because I almost don’t remember Henry being any other way than he is today.  I don’t remember the time when he was tiny and vulnerable and dependent on me for everything.  I almost can’t believe the photos and videos I see of our first few months together. Is that me?  Was I that person?  How can I not remember?  What I do know is that I have to be better about cataloging this information on the blog so that I don’t forget!


…so here goes!

At 14 months, Henry is a bubbly, friendly, social guy who loves to point at birds and airplanes and say, “LOOK!”

He says duck, moo, mommommom, quack, woof, dog, pa, FISH, and ball.

He loves animals, swings and slides at the park, dancing, doing the itsy bitsy spider hand movements, “reading” books, and exploring. He is our little adventurer.

mr. independent.


Henry is a chill, relaxed kinda guy who giggles his way through the day. He is SO MUCH FUN!

He loves oranges, apples, bananas, chicken, steak, string cheese, all types of beans, brussels sprouts, and zucchini.

He continues to have the sweetest little face.  When the nanny reports back that Henry is so friendly in the play groups and the other nannies love watching him, I puff up like a proud peacock.

Yes, I hope he is super smart. Yes, I hope he is strong.  Yes, I hope he has a strong spirit. But what I hope for most is that he is a good person with a friendly attitude.  So far, it looks like my wish, hopes, and dreams are being fulfilled. Check, check, and check!



Breakfast Date with My Man

On Saturday, Henry and I spent the morning together walking around San Jose and  while in Japantown, we stopped at Roys Station to escape the rain and pick up a coffee.

Hen didn’t seem to mind the rain because he fell right asleep.

While there, we shared fruit and played with toys.

This guy had so much fun that he passed out as soon as his head hit the car seat.


out on the farm : San Jose, California

We explored the Bay Area yesterday and ventured to San Jose, California where we met up with some friends for lunch and took Henry to a small family-run farm, called Emma Prusch Farm Park.

This place was AWESOME!  It is free. It is HUGE!  There’s a playground, a garden, fruit trees, tons of animals, food for the animals you can buy from a candy machine for 25 cents.

I seriously can’t wait to go back.







Rainy SF: Noe Valley rec park 

Henry and I took advantage of the break in the rain with a stroller ride to the adjoining neighborhood to play in the park.


Hen is obsessed with birds right now!  He uses the sign language sign for it and says “Quack” when he sees one.  He also wants to make sure you see it too and says “LOOK, ” which he said ten billion times today.

…and of course we stopped at a cafe to share a fresh squeezed OJ and a NY bagel. YUM!