The Swaddle Is STILL the Secret Weapon

Sometimes Henry just NEEDS to go to sleep but fights it, because he is terrified of missing out on any new experience! Yesterday was no different! We had a jam packed day of an early morning walk around our neighborhood, a three year old’s birthday party, and a street fair in downtown San Francisco.

After seeing him struggle all afternoon, I decided to give him a little assistance and pulled out the secret weapon…the swaddle!

Is he too big for it? Probably!

Is he too old for it? Probably!

But guess what, it works like a charm. {Nearly} every single time.

During the swaddling process, he went from smiling and laughing to having a look of terror on his face when he realized he wasn’t able to move his arms.  After picking him up and rocking him in my lap, he was out cold for his nap.  Instead of carrying him to his room, I let him sleep next to me on the couch while I curled up to read a book next to candlelight. I just couldn’t get enough of his sweet little face.

the secret weapon


Breaking the Swaddle

At six months old, Henry still loves the swaddle.  LOVES.  

We are aware that now that he can turn, flip, + move that we need to retire it, but it really is the magic tool to get him to sleep. 

Because his dad is much better than me, Henry has been napping without the swaddle for the past couple of days.  

Can you believe how precious he is sleeping in his play space?